Monday, December 7, 2009

An Education in Fear

Wrath of godly structure.
The ultimate in dichotomy.
Truest source of mental imprisonment in life.

It is power, laced with epic brilliance.
Intertwined union of far-reaching complexity.

Fear is king of traits. Paper, upon which the blueprint of survival is inked.
Fear is a master of emotion. It's strength is above the emotions of love, hate, happiness and sadness.

Fear destructs. Fear builds. It is masterpiece forging seams, holding life in place.

Not the thorns, nor the rose, but the life itself.

Merging Polarity of Fear

Fear is a product of duality. A force, blended in good and evil, positive and negative. It morphs in and out of instinct and trait with the fluidity of an ever-changing nebulous.

If everything good in this world were exposed as bright white light and evil as it's opposite counterpart in blackness, fear is the union where these two paths converge as a continuous stream of life.

We live life, parallel with fear. There are times when our thoughts or actions borrow from positive energy, other times from negative.

As one of the four primary traits of our being, and most powerful, a great deal of our actions can be traced back to fear.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

First Minute to the Last

Time never affords so much life that even the wisest man will trade up all his mules for horses.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Do Self Improvement Articles Improve?

Self improvement articles come in two types. Lists and articles. The former, entertaining as it may, is aimed solely at just that. Most of us know this, but our complacency or lack of devotion to change regulate us to list slush heaven for everything on earth.

There is a trend in recent article writing and progressed civilization is leading the charge. I call it writing and reading frozen food articles. Just open contents, read instructions, apply a couple minutes of your sweet time and voila! The finest food for thought this side of Antarctica.

Somewhere along the line in our ever-quickening society, we decided to forgo organic, thought-provoking writing with quick and easy how-to manuals. Something like the side of the box instructions you read to cook dinner in your microwave.

Yahoo's front page is a virtual carousel of these types of articles. How many "Enlighten your relationship in four easy steps" articles have enlightened your relationships?

In some cases, this can make for an interesting, entertaining read.

The problem lies in the concept that an instructional-step style of writing is a one size fits all for every topic.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making Preparations for Success

It is impossible to lead yourself to true, lasting change without first knowing where you stand in the war against your failure. Knowing yourself is the first step in preparing to defeat your negatives.

Painting by Numbers for Self-Growth

You may suffer defeat many times in your quest to remedy yourself of negative traits.

If positive change was easy, everyone would be doing it. There is no instruction booklet as we all have different views of our world. Different positions in life.

Because no one's situation is alike, there are no cookie cutter recipes to work magic.

Once you've embarked upon the path of self-discovery and change, you'll cross breezy articles and simpleton literature designed to provide an elementary passage to self-growth.

This is fine for some interesting reading, but it won't leave a lasting impression or give any food for sustenance to feed rebirth.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Growth or Stagnation

When a man chooses growth over stagnation, faults and fears will step forth from his crowd of conscience. Removing their placid masks of deception, they tremble with rage. A lesser man will cower and plead for a return to peace, and they will oblige.

If persistence is in their dismissal, they will reveal themselves as he has never seen. These are his monsters, charging forth his will with killing intent. With the beast above, he is left two choices. To die by willful force of his own psyche or unsheathe the knife at his side, plunging into the heart of restraint.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Ignorance is not unlike a man's disease. It informs that it knows him, yet he knows not. At once, his burden becomes two, yet feels like two hundred.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Perseverance and Motivation

Perseverance is motivation minus obstacles.
If motivation is planting the seeds, perseverance is tasting their fruit.
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